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Our aim as left behind parents and as an organization is to bring about awareness of international parental child abductions. We are here not just to inform people that this does happen in Canada, but to support, assist, and find ways to resolve this crises. Although most people may think that these cases are resolved quickly, the fact of the matter is that most drag on for years on end because of laws and regulations, diplomacy and noncooperation. Parental alienation is a crime and has left many victims in despair so we are offering our knowledge and our familiarity of the process and the legal procedures based on our own awareness.

We are here to offer support to other left behind parents who are experiencing this unthinkable act. We are a network of parents who have already experienced the hardships of losing a child or two and offer our insight on how to maneuver through the process.

We are a collective providing support to left behind parents, sharing our experiences to provide context of atrocity we have experienced through this ordeal to those who are suffering the same consequences of international parental child abductions, or simply to those who want to learn more.

Case Statements