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Letter to the Honourable Marc Garneau

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The Honourable Marc Garneau became Minister of Foreign Affairs on January 12, 2021, replacing François-Philippe Champagne. Marc Garneau is an experienced cabinet member and respected Canadian politician and we hope he will be a strong ally.

On February 10, 2021 we introduced Return Our Children Home Canada to the newly-appointed minister:

Dear Minister,

Our congratulations on your recent appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We are Return Our Children Home Canada, a newly formed not-for-profit supporting the parents of children abducted internationally from Canada. We are writing to you today requesting some information, in the hope of gaining a clearer understanding of Global Affairs Canada’s role in international child abduction cases. Despite years of experience advocating for our children we have little understanding of the procedures that Global Affairs has in place regarding left behind parents and the situation of internationally abducted children.

We would appreciate your help by providing us with the following information:

1- What are Global Affairs Canada’s protocols and limitations when communicating with left behind parents?

2- What are the specific services Global Affairs Canada provides them?

3- What are Global Affairs Canada’s protocols when supporting internationally abducted children?

4- Are there services provided to these children, even though they are held in another country?

5- How is Canada engaging with harbouring countries to protect the rights of abducted Canadian children?

As we begin our work supporting parents through this difficult process, we would like to build a positive relationship with Global Affairs Canada with the common goal of helping Canadians in need. Please identify the most appropriate direct contact for future correspondence.

Thank you for your time; we await your responses to these specific questions.

(This letter is also delivered by email on February 10, 2021.)